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  • Data de lançamento: 2018-11-08
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Let your kids help in the house, do their chores and homework, gain points and then redeem them for prizes! While having fun they'll be incentivised to do their chores and task all while creating the habits that will form their future. punti is a simple yet powerful app to be used along reward systems and chore charts/trackers. You can have your own system or just use punti and come up with the way that works better for you and your kids. Learn more about punti here: https://punti.app Read what other parents say about punti: Andrea, mum of 2 punti is amazing! We used to have a rewards system before but I never could remember how many points my son had or the points for rewards were sometimes inconsistent because of the same issue! Melissa, mum of 3 Our experience with punti has been great! The girls are very enthusiastic and are looking for tasks and chores to do at home and they continually ask us to add more tasks and rewards in the app! Mariangela, mum of 1 I did’t think it could work for my daughter, but it does and is proving to be very useful in increasing her independence and sense of duty (she almost had none before)! And I love the logo! punti is so simple to use! Just: - Create a tile for each of your kids and easily add points any time they "do the chores". - Add task to each kid and give them points every time they complete one of their assigned tasks. - Create rewards to help you give them a bit of joy for their work well done. More about how to use punti: https://punti.app/instructions punti really cares about simplicity, safety, security and privacy, so: - It doesn't collect any personal information - You won't need to create an account to use it We want to know how you use punti or if you have questions, so please don't hesitate contacting us at support@frwrd.net You can also follow us and learn more about punti at: Twitter: http://twitter.com/punti_app Instagram: http://instagram.com/punti.app Happy punti!