Horoscope Tarot

Horoscope Tarot

By Guansheng Hong

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App Tarot Secret - Great little app for those who love tarot cards. You can use this application every morning, pick and flip the mysterious tarot cards to see how good your day is, how your love story is, how healthy. - App Tarot Secret is a major hidden set of 22 leaves. - Major Arcana refers to all aspects of your life. It can be viewed as a journey for the soul, lessons to learn to overcome various situations in life.Major Arcana also represents personality patterns. We can recognize these traits in ourselves or in others. Although the image on the card can be either female or male, the nature and meaning of it is for both sexes.Major Arcana leaves represent the event.Each card in the main arcana has a name and a number. Some names convey the meaning of the card, such as Strength, Justice, Temperance. Others are separate, they represent special encounters in life, such as the Magician, the Hermit. There are also cards with astronomical names such as Sun, Moon, and Star. They symbolize the union of the occult powers with the human body. The main arcana requires the fortune-telling to be very difficult to interpret. When a main arcana leaves appear, you know that the appearance of that is not secular or just temporary. They are the key to your main relationships. __Is the main motivator and your own feelings. The main arcana is sometimes regarded as a completely independent unit. Different combinations will point to life patterns that are brighter. Astrology, astrology, and other occult sciences often play roles in these combinations. Called 22 this is Fool's journey Fool's journey is a metaphor for the journey of one's life. Every major-arcana leaves a stage in that journey-experiences that humans have to combine to become perfect in order to reach their destination in the journey of understanding the world, the universe, and the the deep mystery.